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About Us

Driven to make a practical difference together with unparalleled value

Towcha Technology is a proud Indigenous business serving the highest level of Australian corporate and government organisations with technology strategy, development and support.

Determined to provide the best-fit digital solution for your business needs, Towcha Technology approach each new project from a fresh user-centric perspective.

First, we ensure we thoroughly understand your business.

Then, we clarify your key objectives and match these with the right services and personnel to complete your project efficiently and effectively.

Leading the Towcha Technology team is a Gubbi Gubbi man,
Alan Holmes

Towcha Technology is a proud Indigenous business serving the highest level of Australian corporate and government organisations with technology strategy, development and support.


We’ve worked with prominent Australian brands and government departments including:

  • Australia Post
  • Australian Securities & Investment Commission
  • Coles Myer
  • Department of Primary Industries
  • First Samuel
  • Municipal Association of Victoria
  • National Australia Bank
  • Prima Consulting
  • Sensis Classifieds
  • Sage Technology
  • Tredale

Driven to make a practical difference and provide unparalleled value, Towcha Technology clients receive leading-edge innovations that solve your most complex problems.

Plus, our exclusive solutions are supported by our skills and experience in system integration, implementation, data conversion, account management and project management.

Our commitment to supply diversity and create a sustainable inclusive economy in Australia entails mentoring and elevating Indigenous talent. As a result, we produce world class technology innovations for forward-thinking organisations.

Indigenous Heritage

Gubbi Gubbi

Fundamental to enriching Australia’s technological future is acknowledging and upholding our deep Indigenous heritage.

The Gubbi Gubbi people have cared for the land, including Queensland’s Mary River basin and surrounds, for over 18,000 years. The Mary River holds special significance for the Gubbi Gubbi; sustaining us with ample food and resources.

As peaceful people we’ve welcomed visitors to the bountiful land that provides enough for everyone. Yet, in 1824, our lives changed forever. British settlers arrived to establish their first penal colony in Redcliffe. Tragically, our population was severely diminished during this time; 3000 men, women and children killed, in a poignant history that belongs to all Australians.

While generational trauma continues, the Gubbi Gubbi are resilient people. We’re intensely proud of our rich culture, history and traditions. Under the guidance of our elders, we ask all who respect our traditional lands to support us in understanding the Gubbi Gubbi people and culture, and to learn from our rich heritage.


Towcha Technology acknowledge the value, diversity and culture of all Indigenous populations. We commit to the reconciliation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities with Australian enterprises.

By nurturing these important relationships, Towcha Technology aim to establish strong and respectful commercial partnerships that complement and enhance future business strategies and outcomes. Furthermore, Towcha Technology supports Australian Government portfolios to meet their individual Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) targets.

As an Indigenous business and service provider, we’re honored to be affiliated with the following peak industry bodies:

  • Supply Nation – Certified Indigenous Supplier with Supply Nation
  • Kinaway – Member of the Victorian Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce, Kinaway
  • Indigenous Business Australia – Grant recipient & IBA scholar
  • Indigenous Defence Consortium – Member of the Indigenous Defence Consortium to deliver nation building defence projects


The word ‘Towcha’ signifies the ancestral family name of our company’s founder and owner; Alan Holmes, a traditional Gubbi Gubbi man. He adds,

“Maria Towcha, a Batjala Kabi woman, otherwise known as ‘Queen Maria of Childers’, was my great, great grandmother. She was a famous local Indigenous woman who lived behind the Childers courthouse and was a popular figure in her community. Interestingly, the European settlers of Childers engraved her name on a breastplate as a gift for Maria and, to this day, this memento is regarded as a rare family treasure. Maria Towcha died in 1917 and was buried at the Apple Tree Creek Cemetery where her grave can still be seen today…”

The essence of the Towcha Technology brand, proudly connects its origins from first nations people with today’s sophisticated team of skilled technicians who provide digital technology expertise across diverse information and communications fields.

In fact, Towcha Technology’s ancestral influence and natural history are cleverly captured in our logo:

  • the arc of the ‘T’ represents Mt Beerwah and surrounding mountains in south-east Queensland
  • the vertical lines of the ‘T’ symbolises water flowing down the mountains and into the rivers
  • the dot circle represents a Durrn or Kippa Ring; a Gubbi Gubbi tribal place to conduct events and discuss plans.

Furthermore, the vibrant warm gradients of yellow and orange that symbolise the Queensland sun, along with the organic feel, signify our Indigenous roots. The modern round-edge fonts are friendly and approachable.

An open, accountable and quality-driven organisation, Towcha Technology focus on delivering profitable outcomes for our clients.

At Towcha we pride ourselves on respect and effectiveness, hence our strong brand symbolises the elements of the past in a modern representation of strength and unity.

Trust your IT & Data needs to a team of proven professionals.