Internet of Things

Automating business operations, running machine diagnostics and building smarter cities are just a few exciting opportunities that connecting networked devices via the Internet of Things (IoT) will deliver.

The almost infinite possibilities of IoT technologies and IoT systems are set to rapidly change the way we live and do business, forever.

Today’s abundance of sensors in everyday handheld devices, household appliances, vehicles and so on, communicate a wealth of information to internet-linked enterprise systems, for businesses to capitalise on.

Instant global information

No matter where you or your customers are in the world, exchanging data automatically with the cloud via internet-enabled devices is set to grow productivity tremendously. Effectively, the real-time exchange of accurate data from IoT devices to assorted IT systems, creates a new global channel of information for companies and governments to exploit.

Are you ready to discover what’s possible for your organisation via IoT communication networks and how to seamlessly extract IoT information into your business systems? From communicating, marketing and collaborating, to safer vehicles, smarter cities and connected homes; purpose-built IoT solutions will disrupt numerous industries and government sectors.

In fact, IoT will revolutionise how your company gathers comprehensive up-to-the-minute customer data, which will, in turn, help you make remarkably well-informed business decisions. Towcha Technology deliver IoT solutions for companies seeking to revolutionise your business.

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We deliver:

  • IoT application development
  • IoT system integration
  • SCADA systems
  • IoT telematics solutions
  • IoT security solutions
  • facial recognition solutions
  • IoT-AI solutions
  • and more solutions…

You’ll receive:

  • superior information
  • expanded global intelligence
  • a competitive leading edge
  • automated operations
  • real-time customer data
  • smart innovations
  • powerful predictions
  • excellent customer service
  • advanced processes

    We provide:

    • business analysts
    • SCADA engineers
    • project managers
    • software developers
    • IoT data scientists
    • UI/UX designers
    • cloud engineers
    • cloud developers
    • and more talent…