Systems Integration

Striving for a unified organisation across your technology assets requires persistence. Oftentimes, no sooner do you upgrade or connect business platforms and a component or application changes, requiring your company to reassess your enterprise systems or risk falling behind.

Importantly, combining and integrating complex systems, to seamlessly exchange data and efficiently communicate across business channels, delivers greater control and visibility. As a result, your organisation will boost its total productivity, gain market agility and unlock new opportunities.

Balancing the old with the new

At Towcha Technology we believe there’s a balance between building on existing IT systems and implementing a new technology product that benefits your organisation. For instance, moving to cloud services or cloud solutions and IoT capabilities, if advantageous, when you review your systems.

Importantly, a comprehensive evaluation of your current situation and business technology requirements will identify a best-fit best-practise solution.

Furthermore, we partner with leading technology manufacturers, such as Adobe Marketing Cloud, to implement proprietary products into your organisation.

Depending on what your enterprise aspires to achieve, we’ll recommend product arrangements or custom develop applications to ensure full and productive integration of your enterprise systems.

Ask us today how we can help you delight your customers.

We deliver:

  • architecture review
  • strategic consulting
  • feasibility studies
  • systems integration
  • system upgrades
  • enterprise solutions
  • infrastructure design
  • security implementation
  • and more solutions…

You’ll receive:

  • seamless processes
  • better intelligence
  • streamlined data entry
  • connected workflows
  • immediate visibility
  • greater accuracy
  • superior insights
  • more sales

    We provide:   

    • systems engineers
    • systems analysts
    • software developers
    • data scientists
    • project managers
    • agile scrum masters
    • product specialists
    • systems architects
    • and more talent…